His Redemption Ministries - Under God's Commands
God called me many years ago to do prison ministry. As a young boy with thirteen brothers and sisters my parents divorced. Human Services came in and took all of my younger siblings. I was sixteen and I was not going to let them take me, I was  determined I was not going to a foster home. I ran and slept in old cars in the junk yards in the cold weather. I was hungry and know where to go. One of my sister's lived with our grand mother. She would sneak me in the window at night to sleep on the floor, but I had to leave early in the morning before my grand mother would wake up. I started breaking into places and stealing for food to survive. Next thing I knew I was being locked up. After being incarcerated that's when God made the change in my life. I fell to my knees and gave my heart to Jesus Christ My Savior. This is when I knew my calling was to help the inmates.
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